Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Rainy Days and Mondays

It's raining today and I thought that this blog might organize my thoughts...My mind isn't doing such a good job of it these days.
My friend Linda asked me to find some cookie bakers for her. I found two cute shops on Etsy! The one on the left is from AmyBakes. These cookies are all about 3" and she'll make four of each for only $12. I can't believe it! I just have to see if she can put them on sticks.

I saw another shop too and she says she can put her cookies on sticks. The shop is called BrokenRoadFarm. They have butter- cream frosting
and and are $7.99 for six ( at least that is the pre-stick price. I wouldn't bake for those prices. I was also doing some research for Linda about making those cool fruit arrangements that are so expensive. I came across one site that has a really really expensive kit and all you really need is a cookie cutter and some bamboo skewers. There was another place that gave directions on how to "do it yourself". If it works, I will post it for all to see. I have to take some pictures now so I have some actual content for this blog. See everyone later!