Monday, May 25, 2009

Yard Work

I have always disliked chain link fences. I also noted that the manufacturers of these fences usually try to make them less offensive by putting weird decorative accents on the tops of the gates. I have two separate decorations on my two gates and decided that they needed some more embellishment! Here is the front gate. Pictured are:Lenore( eldest sister),Lois(older sister), and me,Ellie(youngest sister). I made them out of wooden finials. I painted them wired them with beads and wired the whole thing to the front fence. I love them almost as much as I love my sisters.
Lenore is the redhead who looks at least 15
years younger than she did before her new
haircut. She is called Queenie and is wearing a crown so we all know. Lois has a new haircut and her newly highlighted hair looks lovely. She is wearing her First Communion cross that was missing for so many years. Ellie has a new haircut and she loves that she can wear it so many ways including with a bandanna all kind of 40's ish! DON'T WE LOOK LIKE DOLLS?
I need to tell the guys who invented chain link fences that they can add stuff that's way cooler than those goofy metal things.


This is Our Lady of Guadalupe for whom I have a fascination. She looks like a DOLL too!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

I am the Mother!

It dawned on me yesterday that I am the Mother. Now that my Mom is gone, I don't have to worry about finding the perfect gift for her. Not that I don't miss her(that is for a whole other blog!), but I can actually get the perfect gift...and I did!

Last month I mentioned to Sarah that I wanted to get a ring I saw on Etsy. She gave me $40 towards that purchase...and is giving me the rest on her next payday! She was very specific as to what that money is for...the ring and nothing else. So the next time anyone sees me I will be wearing this beautiful ring!

Andrew on the other hand is into ShrinkyDinks. He made me a card and then shrunk it! I would not have thought of that for sure. Then I opened the box and inside was the cutest little bird!

I Love that I have two good kids with excellent
taste. They get it from me and I got it from my
mother. And she got it from her mother and so on...Happy Mother's Day!