Sunday, June 21, 2009

Is It Rocket Science?

I was never really good at science, but I could always get basic concepts, like cell division and
how molds and fungi spread.
I can't figure out though how these things can show up
I don't know what kind of mushrooms they are, but my Grandma Ball
always said
not to eat anything you are not sure of. Not that I would eat
anything that would spring up overnight in my mulch. On the other hand
Grandma Ball also said, "If it's poisonous, even the bugs won't eat it.".
Bugs have definitely eaten these.

There is more. When I came home last week, I thought that a dog had buried a bone in my front yard. A really weird bone. Then I thought what if there has been some kind of alien invasion and these are alien pods. Actually I didn'tbelieve it could have happened, but it crossed my mind. Come on, you read comic books. It looks alien, doesn't it? Check out the other ones. I found out online that they are a cup fungus. I think that they should change the name to pod fungus. I also found out that if you get this stuff in your mulch you just have to put up with it and not try to remove it . It is a fungus, it will spread more spores when it is moved. It is science, not rocket science. YIKES!

If anyone reading this knows any scientific names for these particular fungi, please comment and let me know. After all if it is aliens, I want to know.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Expanded Yard!

Well, I have expanded on my yard. You know that more is not enough! I have added more beads plus milagros! You can see that this is more estheticly pleasing. Plus I have added milagros for Lenore's bad foot and stomach. Plus Lois' heart and Fred's lungs. Also John's heart. I think it is worth a shot! Not only that, but it is really visually pleasing to have something on either side of the Virgin!