Sunday, July 19, 2009

Took Me Out to the Ball Game

I went to the Chicago White Sox game yesterday. It was the first time since we lived two blocks away from Wrigley Field that I have been to a pro game. That's 30 years. I must say that I was overwhelmed. I also must say that although still am not a fan of baseball, I did have a good time. It's like an amusement park in there.
You know how at Six Flags there is stuff to do beside going on the rides? Same here. It's a given that you can find almost any kind of Chicago food, drink beer (and Margaritas, and Mai Tai's) but there are all kinds of other things going on at the same time! Pizza races, McDonald's races, and some kind of fan Limbo. Like I said, "I was overwhelmed".
You can see how overwhelmed I was if you look at my reflection in the corner of John's sunglasses.

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